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Massage is no longer thought of as pampering or a luxury.  It has become a part of everyday life.  It can be used for relaxation to reduce headaches, insomnia and tired muscles.  It can also be used for chronic problems caused by accidents or old injuries.

Helping your body, inside and out helps to create that healthier you.

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This weekend I had the pleasure of meeting Charly. Charly suffers from seizures and had a particularly bad one last week that took him a few days to come out of.

Charly’s mommy has been giving him Reiki so he knew exactly what it was when I put my hands on him. He started in a standing position, went to sitting and then laying down and ending up on his back with his legs in the air. πŸ™‚ I think he enjoyed his session.

Reiki is amazing energy healing for us all to enjoy. Thank you Charly. You have beautiful energy and it was a wonderful experience working with you. πŸ’•
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