Johanna L

I had an amazing experience yesterday! Complete relaxation & just the right touch.  Hands down one of the best massage & reiki sessions I have ever had!  She makes sure you are comfortable the entire time & is really in tune to your needs.  I'm already looking forward to my next appointment!

Jennifer R

I met Marnie right after my husband and I had a car accident in 2011.   She has magical hands.  After a session with her I always felt so relaxed when I left.


I was in a horrible accident at work and was going for  all kinds of treatments on my back, neck, and pelvis.  I was sent to Marnie for massage therapy and she was so gentle and skilled she always knew where to massage to help relieve the pain.

Marlena D

I met Marnie years ago when I scheduled a massage near my house.  Her massages were to die for and helped clear my sinuses and loosen my neck an shoulders.  Marnie does an excellent job and I can't wait to go to her again.

Nancy L

Marnie is an excellent massage therapist.  Her massages helped me through horrible headaches and neck pain.  It was a wonderful experience and I highly recommend her!

Erin T

Marnie is an amazing massage therapist.  I have been seeing her for several weeks now for sciatic pain, and she has been wonderful. For my first appointment with her I could hardly walk because of pain, and even had to have a friend drive me! After just one massage, I felt incredible relief. She has walked me through recovering from this injury, and I can tell that she truly cares for her clients. Every massage with her is relaxing and healing. Seriously, she is the best!


This was my first professional massage.  I have had little bits here and there but never a full massage.  I loved it!  It was the best feeling I have had.  I am so stressed and for once I wasn't.  Thanks!

Tiffany R

I went to see Marnie after I was in a pretty bad car accident at work, I was a little uncomfortable at first, but she put me right at ease and knew all the right spots. When I left after a session with Marnie I was relaxed and in less pain.


This was one of the best massage experiences I've had! I had a busted knee at the time and the massage therapist was so careful and caring about my injury. Highly recommend this place!!


I received the massage relaxation special last evening and I never felt better. It was just the right touch and I felt calm when I left and even today! I would definitely recommend booking an appointment. Off street parking is a plus also. I booked another at the end of this month!

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